Kids, elderly may not be getting enough fluoride from bottled water

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From: Fox 11 Eyewitness News –

CHARLESTON, WV (WCHS/WVAH) — Even though it’s been more than two years since the West Virginia water crisis, many people still don’t drink tap water, which means they are probably buying bottled water and dentists are now saying that is causing a problem.

A lot of bottled water doesn’t provide fluoride. Fluoride prevents tooth decay in children and helps strengthen bones in the elderly.

The chemical leak at Freedom Industries that contaminated the Elk River with MCHM for an estimated 300,000 residents was more than two years ago but still to this day, some people steer clear of using tap water.

“I wash my dishes and clothes, but I don’t drink it. I use bottled water,” Joy Wright, of Charleston said.

David Foster, of Charleston, said his family hasn’t used tap water, not even to cook in, since the water crisis.

“We buy bottled water,” Foster said. “I go to the store every other day.”

Those hitting the grocery aisles for bottled water may not know some don’t have fluoride in it. Also, if you get water from wells or filter tap water, you will not find fluoride in your drink.

Dr. Mark Simpson, a dentist, said it is a big concern, especially for kids.

“In children, we found and science has proven that it can prevent decay and make the tooth structure harder and more resistant to decay by using the optimal amount of fluoride,” Simpson said.

Foster always makes sure his 3-year-old son, Cameron, is getting the fluoride he needs.

“He usually gets the nursery water; it had the right amount of fluoride,” Foster said.

Simpson said it’s also important for the elderly.

“In the elderly, we find that the bone formation is better and they have stronger, harder bones by utilizing fluoride, too,” Simpson said.

Wright wasn’t aware of the full benefits of fluoride.

“I didn’t either — my poor bones are falling apart,” she said.

Wright said she will start buying water with fluoride in it.

You can check the label or call the company if fluoride is not listed or just do a little research.

“I would suggest if you have young children that you would buy the bottled fluorinated water. You can go online and just write fluorinated bottle water and it will come up with a bunch of different brands,” Simpson said.

Simpson said it’s only beneficial if you get the right amount of fluoride, and you can get your water tested to see how much it has. You don’t want to utilize too much fluoride, though, because it can put spots on your teeth, a condition which is called fluorosis.


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